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Match Sheets in DRIBL

Hi All,

With predicted rain over the weekend a reminder that if you have to close your field please text the wet weather number 0433 183 317 so that any ground closures can be updated as soon as possible on team app and facebook.

Also, another reminder about the matchsheets when you are completing them. As this has been the 5th time clubs have been reminded about completing match sheets properly, from this weekend onwards any team who does not submit their team on the match sheets will received a -1 point penalty and any team that does not confirm their opposition’s match sheet will receive a -1 point penalty. If you do not submit your team and do not confirm the opposition you will receive both penalties.

  • Submit Your team and confirm the opposition’s team before kick-off.
  • Add your crowd controller (Matchday Supervisor) and Ground Marshal (Marshal) in the official section.
  • If you have no referee (non-competitive matches also) add a non-accredited referee in the officials section so that the home team can take on the role of the referee for post-game score input and matchsheet completion.
  • With a non-accredited referee, if you do not complete the matchsheet (the last part of the matchsheet when you scroll down to the bottom) then the score will and any cards will not be updated.

Also attached is a checklist for referee’s for you to keep in the referee room at your fields.

The below links are step by step instructions for doing the matchsheets on gameday.

The Below are links for when you do not have a referee and you add a non-accredited referee that allows the home club impersonate the referee for scores, cards and match sheet completion.


SDSFA Competitions Co-ordinator